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We believe that adoption saves a child’s life.

Sharing a strong bond with your stepchild is nothing less than a blessing. If you are considering adopting your stepchild, be prepared to undergo a legal process. After passing this process, you will be known as the legal parent of your stepchild with all due rights and responsibilities that come with parenthood. Step-parent adoption in California is relatively easier, but you will still require a robust legal team to be able to present your case in family court. Our step-parent adoption attorney in Ventura County, CA can walk you through the whole process without any inconvenience under the umbrella of a strong case regarding the adoption measures.

Understanding adoption with our step-parent adoption lawyer in California

When a stepparent adopts a child, it is usually in the noted and willful absence of the biological parent. That biological parent has, by his or her actions, indicated to the child that the child is unwanted. The step-parent effectively says to that kid, “I choose you.” Stepparent adoptions are the most prevalent form of adoption. Adoption provides the child with permanency and the knowledge that the child is wanted and gives the entire family a sense of stability. 

Step-parents often serve a vital role in raising and bringing up children towards a better life. Many children come to regard the step-parent as a parent due to the care and love they receive, particularly if the child’s natural parent has been absent from the child’s life. An adopting step-parent is willing to assume financial and legal responsibility for his/her spouse’s child (or children).

California adoption laws for step-parents

Marrying someone with a child comes with the rewarding outcomes of adoption. As a step-parent, you will be stipulated to abide by the California adoption laws for step-parentsAs per Family Code 9000, before adopting a stepchild, you will need to get consent in written form from the child’s other biological parent. The step-parent must file a petition in the court, which grants the step-parent permission to take the child’s entire responsibility and guardianship. Once the process in the court is finalized, the successful adoption takes place, marking the child as yours pertinent to the law.

What is California step-parent adoption process?

Being a stepparent, you will have to go through a rigorous process before adopting your stepchild. California step-parent adoption requires several measures, which are discussed below:

  • The adoptive parent’s spouse must consent to the adoption. 
  • The parental rights of the other biological parent must be terminated for the adoption to proceed, which is a technical, legal process. 
  • The biological parent is no longer financially and legally responsible for the child once the adopting step-parent takes on this role.

 Most states make the adoption process a little easier for step-parents than for other types of adoption. In California, a full home study is not required for step-parent adoptions as they are for independent adoptions. Instead, a court investigator will contact all parties to ascertain the circumstances of the request, run a criminal background check, verify employment and check references for the adopting parent for the best interest of the child. Once the investigation is completed, a report is submitted to the court with a recommendation to approve or dismiss the adoption request. 

The technical, legal requirements for termination of parental rights or dispensing with the consent of the biological parent require good, experienced legal counsel. The adoption itself is the easiest and most rewarding part of the process.

Investigation before the finalization of step-parent adoption

It is not surprising that the law of California conducts a thorough investigation before the step-parent adoption takes place. The investigation lies in favor of the child as it concerns the child’s future. First things first, your criminal record will be checked by the responsible authorities to ensure the safety of the child. Concerning this, a few of your certified documents are verified, which are mentioned below:

  • copy of step child’s birth certificate
  • copy of your birth certificate
  • copy of the marriage license with the child’s other parent
  • dissolution order of the previous marriage

Adopt with our Ventura County step-parent adoption lawyer

Want to bring your stepchild home? Hesitant to start the procedure? Hartley Lamas Et Al – Attorneys at Law can help you! To streamline your process, you can always seek help from our step-parent adoption attorney in California. To let your spouse have a quality life with their child, contact our step-parent adoption lawyer in California  at (805) 639-0600or  email us.

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