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Dealing with divorce, or the possibility of divorce, is tension-filled, and this tension often leads to violence or the threat of violence. Emotions can get the best of us when dealing with separation, infidelity, jealousy and strained finances.

Whether you have been a victim of violence, accused of committing an act of violence or falsely accused of an act of violence, domestic violence and any accompanying criminal charges have a great impact on family law matters. Domestic abuse, assault and battery, and criminal sexual conduct charges are just a few of the criminal offenses that can have dire consequences in a divorce, child custody or post-judgment modification proceedings.

Protecting Families with Our Ventura County Domestic Violence Attorneys 

At Hartley Lamas Et Al, we believe the law firm that handles your family law matter should be the same law firm that handles your domestic violence matter. We have a unique, talented team of domestic violence attorneys in Ventura County, California who can handle both cases simultaneously, making sure, to the extent possible, that decisions in one case do not have an adverse impact on the other.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers in Ventura County, CA Also Defend Victims of False Accusations 

False accusations can be devastating. They can stake your future at the hands of false victimization. Do not let a false allegation decide your fate. Instead, contact Ventura County’s best domestic violence attorney to get your case sorted. Our lawyers make sure to double-check all the discrepancies and the witness statements, gather information from a person’s social circle, and review all the social media activities of the accused individual. It all helps our lawyers properly study the case and protect anyone being falsely accused. Once proven as fallacious, the court dismisses the charges and convictions.

Our attorneys handle all forms of domestic violence cases

Domestic violence and abuse are not just limited to physical violence. Domestic violence covers an extensive range of situations and our domestic violence attorney in California can handle all types of domestic violence and abuse cases, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Isolation
  • Elder abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Criminal threats
  • Verbal abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Economic abuse

Individuals Protected Under Domestic Violence Law

Generally speaking, women form the largest group of domestic violence victims. However, domestic violence is not limited to women. Several other individuals are protected under domestic violence laws. The list of those individuals is as follows:

  • Spouses
  • Fiancées
  • Children
  • Cohabitant
  • Family members

How to Report Domestic Violence in California?

First things first, if you are being abused or know someone whose life is in danger, call your local police station. For a more effective solution, it is recommended to obtain a court restraining order. A domestic violence restraining order is a court order that protects people from abuse or threats of abuse. It also eliminates the chances of domestic violence in the future. To file for a restraining order, you can take the help of a prosecutor to represent you in court or if you are filing on your own you need to fill out the form given by the court. The judge then reviews your petition and decides whether you deserve a restraining order or not. If your application is processed, the notice will be sent to the abuser and you will be safe till you have court hearings. Later, the hearings will allow the judge to either cancel your order or mark it as permanent. 

FAQs on Domestic Violence

Can an accuser drop the charges?

No, the accuser cannot drop domestic violence charges in California. This usually happens when a victim changes his/her mind due to emotional stress. Therefore, after reporting, the accuser has no authority to drop the charges.

Are the penalties for domestic violence convictions strict?

Yes, the penalties chosen for domestic violence are selected to be the toughest, and the most common penal code, 273.5cc, is charged.

Is domestic violence a felony?

Generally speaking, it depends upon the situation. If the violence comprises sex crimes, weapons, or significant physical injury, it is a felony.

Is emotional abuse domestic violence?

Yes, emotional abuse is a form of domestic violence. Often termed psychological abuse, emotional abuse exposes the victim to psychological traumas like anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Is verbal abuse domestic violence?

Yes, verbal abuse is a kind of domestic violence as it not only includes hurtful words but also involves criminal threats. 

Experienced Lawyers in Family Law

With over 100 years of combined family law experience, the attorneys at Hartley Lamas Et Al have the ability to handle both family law needs as well as restraining orders, which enables us to keep an eye on all your legal matters at all times. We understand the impact that one case can have on the outcome of another. Our domestic violence lawyers do everything possible to ensure the resolution of one case will not adversely impact another case. We work diligently to protect your interests and obtain the best possible outcome.

Call us now at 805-639-0600, or fill out our online contact form, to discuss how we can represent your interests in a domestic violence action related to your family law matter. Our Ventura County domestic violence attorneys will make sure all aspects of your family’s legal needs are covered.

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