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Getting old or being dependent on someone can bring a lot of limitations to your life, along with the feeling of being incomplete. To cater to your helplessness, the courts of California have taken matters into their hands by introducing the conservatorship process. A conservatorship attorney in Ventura County, CA will help an incapacitated person begin the conservatorship proceedings with the court. Conservatorship due to dementia, intellectual disability, old age, or any other serious illness never brings happiness to your life. What you can do to make it better is set up a legal conservatorship to protect a loved one’s personal and financial interests.

Duties of a conservatorship lawyer in Ventura County, California

A conservator has a lot to oversee and manage for the conservatee, from daily life to financial concerns and physical needs. The conservator is appointed by the court as per the abilities of the individuals. The set of duties that a conservator is responsible for are discussed below:

  • A conservator is responsible for all sorts of financial matters of the conservatee, including larger amounts and utilities.
  • A conservator is also liable to look after the estate matters for the conservatee.
  • All the daily activities are also regulated by the conservator.

The basic responsibilities of the conservator cover the financial and daily life activities, but in rare cases, they are also responsible for the conservatee’s medical duties.

What are the types of conservatorship actions?

As per the law of California, the general conservatorship under PRC 1800 is for all individuals who are considered incapable of performing their own personal or financial affairs. But there are two specific types of conservatorship actions depending upon your need and situation. They are:


  • The most common type of conservatorship is limited conservatorship. This case fits developmentally disabled individuals along with the limitations for the conservator to make the conservatee feel as independent as possible. This is not the extreme level of conservatorship as it keeps the essence of independence alive in the conservator.
  • The Lanterman-Petris-Short Conservatorship under W&I 5350-5371 is ruled to be for entirely dependent individuals who cannot carry out any of the daily activities, either due to injuries or mental conditions. The laws abiding in LPS conservatorship are far more strict, and the process demands the assistance of the best Ventura conservatorship attorney

How to file for conservatorship in California?

The conservatorship process is tricky and demands a competent legal team. Despite the technicalities, you can carry out the self-conservatorship process. The steps of self-conservatorship are mentioned below:

  1. As an initial step, you will need to find out and collect all the necessary information to fill out the documents.
  2. As the next step, you will have to fill out the necessary forms, including a confidential supplemental information form, a confidential conservatorship screening form and duties of conservator form.
  3. Once the documents are filled, they will be filed for further processing.
  4. After filing for conservatorship, the court will give a hearing date and provide you with a case number.
  5. Then the proposal of the form is sent, and the conservatorship training is conducted as the last step.

What is the difference between guardianship and conservatorship?

Guardianships and conservatorships shift the responsibility for making personal and financial decisions from the person in need (the conservatee or minor) to the person assuming responsibility for that need (the conservator or guardian). While guardianships are created to manage the affairs of minors/children, conservatorships are created to protect incapacitated adults.

Guardianships and conservatorships impose significant limitations on what financial or personal care decisions the person in need can make for themselves. Neither of these arrangements should be entered into lightly or without the advice of experienced legal counsel.

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At Hartley Lamas Et Al, our family law attorneys understand how important it is to take care of family and friends. We also understand how to navigate the legal system and can help you protect your loved one’s personal and financial well-being so we provide you with the best California conservatorship attorney.

Our elder law lawyers understand the legal requirements for determining who may have a guardian or conservator appointed to manage their financial or personal affairs, who is eligible to be a guardian or conservator, and how courts determine whether a person is in need of a guardian or conservator. Use our knowledge to your advantage. Reach us online or call us in the Ventura area at 805-639-0600 to talk.


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