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Adoption is one of the most emotional legal processes. It can tear a family apart or form a new and
happy one. To initiate and deal with the technicalities of the adoption process, it is important to have an
attorney by your side. As an adoptive parent or a birth parent you will need to face many legalities
throughout. With a skillful adoption lawyer in California, you can make the process a seamless
experience. At Hartley Lamas Et Al, whether you are looking to put your unborn child up for adoption or
you want to be prospective parents of an adopted child, our Ventura County adoption attorney can walk
you through the process. Following the adoption, many measures of lifestyle and safety are considered,
which you can get sorted by an expert at our firm to have a stronger case.

Best Adoption Attorney in Ventura County, California dedicated to your

he adoption lawyer in Ventura County you pick for your guidance through the adoption process will
have an enormous impact on the foundation of your case. Consolidating the rules of the firm, Hartley
Lamas Et Al – Attorneys at Law aims to provide you with the most competitive attorneys in California
with experience of advocacy in:

  • Independent open adoption
  • Independent close adoption
  • Foster adoption
  • Adult adoption
  • Domestic adoption
  • Grandparent adoption
  • Single parent adoption
  • International adoption
  • Stepparent adoption

How to adopt a child in California?

From LA to Long Beach and San Diego to Ventura County, hundreds of parents are considering adoption.
With laws varying from state to state, California has its own set of rules to adopt a child. If you are living
in California and want to adopt a child, keep in mind that adoption in California is well-regulated and
demands a proper process under the umbrella of an agency. Below are the points you need to consider
before adopting a child in California:

Eligibility requirements

In California, there is a specific set of requirements that you need to fulfill before applying for adoption.
As per the law of California, potential parents must be 10 years older than the child being adopted and
should pass all the steps of home study, including; criminal record, financial background, fingerprint
checks, etc. After passing the home study, a person is considered eligible for the first step of adoption,
and further process is carried out.

Legal requirements

Before the adoption is carried out, the post-placement supervision process is conducted with the
respective licensed agency in California. The following process takes around six months, followed by
several interviews with the social worker and the last one is carried out at your home with the child’s
presence at your residence.

Consent to the adoption

There is a set of people required to give consent for the adoption in California, which are mentioned

  • Living parents of the child
  • Custodial parents of the child
  • Father who is not married to the mother
  • Spouse of the adoptive parent
  • The child being adopted in case the age of 12 or above.

Adoption laws in California

Figuring out the laws of the country regarding adoption alone is a tough job and for that, you will need
the legal support of California adoption lawyers. The primary understanding of the ever-changing
adoption law in California can make the process pleasantly smooth. Adoption is the only pleasing part of
family law, but to get approval for adoption, it is mandatory to qualify for the Adoption and Safe Families
Act (ASFA) criteria. Adopted as federal law in 1997, ASFA was enacted for the children’s welfare and is
essential in passing you through criminal history and safe home tests. If the person fails to pass these,
adoption becomes impossible.

FAQs on Adoption

How much does adoption cost?

The cost of adoption depends upon the type of adoption you pursue. Generally speaking, the cost of the
process can easily exceed $30,000. This includes all the expenses from attorney consultation to licensing
and the final adoption. Infant adoption and international adoption can cost you around $12,000 to
$50,000. But foster care only costs $2000, so the type of adoption you select plays a huge part in the
cost variation.

How long does adoption take?

Again, the time of the process depends upon the type of adoption you select. In most cases, the
placement process takes around six months to complete the home study. For private and international
adoption cases, it takes much longer, even up to a few years.

How to choose the proper process of adoption for yourself?

The experts at our firm can be the best option to guide you through the process and to tell you the most
suitable type of adoption depending on your needs and the kind of child – the age, race, etc. Adoption
lawyers in Ventura County will discuss your adoption goals and give details about the process. From
initial steps to finalizing the adoption, they will aid you with the best possible choices.

Adopt with a Ventura County adoption attorney

Thinking of undergoing an adoption? Want to give a family to a child? Our firm can help you! To have a
protected adoption, an adoption attorney in California is the one you can count on. Our experts can help
you through the complicated process of adoption. To let parenthood come to you, contact our adoption
lawyer in California at (805) 639-0600 or  write us an email.

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