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Many married couples facing divorce do not have children. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something precious in their lives that they love, and in most cases, it is a pet. Whether a cat, a dog, or some other exotic animal, companion animals can be very important factors in modern divorces and have the potential to make your divorce case complex. 

Some couples even bring companion animals into their family in lieu of having children. The bond that they share with those animals can be very important and even part of their self-identity. Thankfully, the state of California is now recognizing the importance of these animals to the people who live with them.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, the state of California is now taking a much more progressive stance on what happens with animals in a divorce. So, book an appointment with the best pet custody lawyer in Ventura County, California today to find the right place for your furry friend and go through your pet custody battle smoothly.

How Can Our Ventura County, California, Pet Custody Attorney Help You Get Legal Custody Of Your Pet?

Our legal firm can help you in many ways; getting a divorce with a pet requires the assistance of a pet custody attorney to solve all sorts of issues you are facing. Such cases can last for extended periods of time, but with the help of a good attorney you can get done with your case promptly. The fight to retain ownership of your pet involves strict legal principles and only a competent dog custody lawyer can ensure you reach a fair custody agreement. If you hire us for your custody battle we will help you by:

  • Gathering all possible documents 
  • Answering any legal questions you have
  • Devising effective strategies that may positively impact your case
  • Tracking the cost of your pet care each month
  • Gathering evidence and witnesses who can testify for you

Talking about evidence, there are certain helpful pieces of evidence for your pet custody case that can help strengthen your case. Our lawyer for dog custody can walk you through the required evidence that will ensure you gain custody of your pet at the trial. They are: 

  • Pictures of individuals with their pet
  • Adoption form and all the bills listing them as the owner
  • Veterinary records of the animals proving they looked after the pet
  • Statement from someone stating their relationship with the pet

Factors Considered By The Court For Pet Custody

Prior to granting custody of the pet to either of the spouses, the court brings the well-being and best interest of the pet into consideration. Pertinent to this, there are various aspects that the court looks into, which are:

  • Which spouse has the animal registered under their name
  • Which spouse acquired the pet
  • Which spouse is capable enough to take care of the pet
  • Healthy life of the pet followed by their safety
  • Which spouse shares a stronger bond with the pet
  • Which spouse covers the vet costs
  • Which spouse takes care of the pet’s daily needs

Pets Used to Be Considered Possessions

The previous policy for handling companion animals in a divorce was far less enlightened than the modern law.

California judges used to treat dogs, cats, and other pets as simple possessions. They could not entertain the idea of shared custody. Instead, they would allocate the animal possession to one of the two people divorcing. This led to a lot of heartache and contentious divorce battles over who would keep a beloved animal. Some people felt they had to take drastic measures to retain a relationship with an animal they loved, such as offering spousal support in exchange for access to pets. Other couples tried going to mediation just for the sake of the animal. This caused a lot of inconvenience for the couples and gave rise to the need for modern animal custody laws.

With this new pet custody law, couples can now feel confident that the courts will take a more reasonable approach to handle the animals that are part of the family. 

Pet Custody Law In California

Now that judges can view pets as something other than a possession, they can handle the process of allocating time with the animal differently. They should focus on what is best for the dog in question, just like they would for children in a custody dispute.

It all depends on how your pet custody lawyer represents your case in front of the judge. In some cases, regular visits with both of its former owners might be best for the animal. What’s best could also include shared or split custody, with owners alternating weeks with the animal. In some cases, when one spouse travels extensively for work or simply doesn’t have a positive relationship with the animal, judges may still choose to allocate ownership of the animal to only one person.

Understanding the new animal custody laws in divorce is critical if you hope to retain ownership of a beloved companion animal when you end your marriage. The better you understand the law and your rights under it, the better you can strategize handling issues in your divorce.

We protect your pet custody rights

Worried you would lose your best friend to a divorce? Hire the best pet custody lawyer in California from our firm so that you are not forced to split up from your furry friend. To have our lawyers stand up for you, contact our attorney for dog custody at  (805) 639-0600 or  email the firm.

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