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Love exists in all forms and it knows no boundaries. Marriage is the legally recognized union between two people who love each other. It can exist between two consenting adults – be it a man and a woman or a woman and a woman and vice versa. Legalizing same sex marriages was a big win for couples all across California. Today, California celebrates the same sex marriage ruling and as per the state law, same-sex domestic partners have all the same rights and responsibilities as traditional marriages. In practice, this means that the same laws apply to same-sex couples regarding family law issues. But similar to traditional couples, at times same sex couples might find it difficult to sustain a marriage. If you have married someone of the same sex but want a divorce now, you must be searching the internet aimlessly for queries like ‘divorce attorney for same sex couples near me.’ Well, look no further! We are the best same sex divorce attorney in California.

Divorce Process For Same Sex Marriages Simplified By Our Same Sex Divorce Lawyer In Ventura County, CA

You can simply end a same sex marriage in California by undergoing the process of divorce with the help of a competent same sex divorce attorney. The divorce method for same-sex couples is the same as that for straight couples. This specific process consists of several steps before the marriage is dissolved. The steps are discussed below:

  • The divorce process begins with completing the required paperwork and filing the application for divorce by one partner to end the marriage legally. After the submission of all the documents and forms, the process is initiated
  • Once the process is initiated, the respondent receives a notice by the court
  • A confirmation by the respondent upon receiving the notice of divorce is expected
  • In the next step, the court decides the custody of any minor after the custody request has been filed
  • After all these steps, the declaration of disclosure is carried out, where the couples decide on all the aspects of finances, assets, debts, incomes, etc
  • Then comes the process of discovery, where the lawyers spend a lot of time to find out about the details of your spouse pertinent to the divorce case
  • An expert witness is then involved in the case if the case is full of technicalities where the couple can’t agree on one decision
  • Then the settlement step comes, where both the partners mutually agree on a solution after making settlements
  • Then the last and the most challenging step is the divorce trial, after which a marriage is dissolved

Methods To Dissolve A Same Sex Marriage in California

There are various methods to dissolve a marriage in California, and to go through any of these processes, it is vital to hire a same sex divorce attorney in Ventura County. A professionally qualified individual can help you through this process smoothly. The options for LGBTQ divorces are mentioned below:

Summary dissolution

Summary dissolution is the same as a standard divorce but it is much quicker in nature. Couples married for less than five years and having no biological children are eligible to file for summary dissolution. 

Standard divorce

This is usually caused due to futile fights between a couple leading to significant differences. A total of six months are required to complete the standard divorce process between a same-sex couple.

Relevant matters

The relevant matters add up to the complexity of a standard divorce case. Any sort of relevant matter increases the time of finalization. In the same-sex divorce case, the most pertinent considerable matters are the assets division and debt repayments, spousal and child support, custody and visitation rights of children.

Alternate dispute resolution

This is the most common type of divorce in the USA. The duration of this process depends upon the type of case. An alternate dispute resolution or ADR is one of the most helpful methods that divorcing couples employ without having to go to the courtroom. The most common ADR options include arbitration and mediation, facilitating couples dissolve their marriages peacefully.

California Law for Same-Sex and Domestic Partners

When a couple residing in California identifies that they have irreconcilable differences, they may file for a divorce under the law of the state. California law recognizes LGBTQ  divorces as the same as traditional divorces. 

  • California is a no-fault divorce state. While most states require legal grounds for divorce, California courts allow anyone and everyone to seek divorce without any legal ground
  • The residential limits to the law require one of the divorcing spouse to reside in California for at least 6 months
  • As per the law, equal distribution must be ensured at the time of dissolution of marriage
  • Common law marriages do not qualify for a same-sex divorce

That said, one of the key issues that arises when it comes to same-sex family law is that many people did not realize that they were going to potentially surrender significant assets and rights when they enter into a domestic partnership. It goes without saying that this can create serious issues that many people are not aware of until they are in the thick of a divorce or other family law problems. If you or your loved ones are working through any same-sex family law issue in or near Ventura County, our same-sex divorce lawyers are here to assist you.

Get legal support from the best same sex divorce attorney in California

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