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In California, domestic partners have all the same rights and responsibilities as traditional couples. In practice, this means that the same laws apply to same-sex couples when it comes to family law issues.

California Law for Same-Sex and Domestic Partners

One of the key issues that arises when it comes to same-sex family law is that many people did not realize that they were going to potentially surrender significant assets and rights when they entered into a domestic partnership. It goes without saying that this can create serious issues that many people are not aware of until they are in the thick of a divorce or other family law problems.

If you or your loved ones are working through any same-sex family law issue in or near Ventura County, our same sex divorce lawyers are here for you.

Same Sex Divorce Attorney

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We at Hartley Lamas Et Al are a Christian law firm. In practice, this means we believe that Christ died for all peoples’ sins and that any client who walks through our door will be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other; our same rigor, advocacy, comprehensive knowledge, experience and client centricity apply.

To get in touch and schedule an initial consultation to discuss LGBT divorces, same-sex marriages or other family law issues with one of our Ventura, California, same-sex family law attorneys, call 805-639-0600 or email the firm.

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