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People leading their lives based on strong ethical principles are appalled by elder abuse in any form. Sadly, however, this is a growing problem in Southern California and across the U.S. Whether we attribute the rise in abuse of seniors primarily to economic pressures or a declining moral fabric, any instance demands skilled legal counsel focused on putting it to a stop.

Decisive Action To Stop Physical, Emotional Or Financial Abuse

At Hartley Lamas Et Al – Attorneys at Law, you can meet personally and work closely with a proven Ventura elder law lawyer who will prioritize your case. Domestic violence against dependent parents or other aging relatives is just one form of elder abuse. You may also need to take decisive action to address:

  • Neglect or isolation of your elderly loved one in another’s residence or nursing home, including evidence of malnutrition or unsafe conditions that allowed a fall or other serious injury
  • Financial abuse of a vulnerable elderly person’s trust by a relative or other caregiver – including coercing him or her to sign over property, alter a will or provide extravagant gifts

Determining Need or Justification of Abuse

It is common for siblings and other heirs to disagree about what is appropriate “compensation” in gratitude for providing care or simply visiting elderly relatives. In other cases, someone unrelated works their way into an elder’s confidence and perpetrates an outright scam.

The best course of action to protect an elder is often to file well-prepared petitions for guardianship and/or conservatorship. Doing so will give you the legal authority to make essential decisions and manage financial affairs for a person no longer able to do so because of Alzheimer’s disease or other health issues. We have helped seniors plan for their own potential capacity as well as navigating these processes for concerned family members.

Find An Elder Law Attorney in Ventura County

If you want to help an elderly parent or relative, we are here to advise and represent you. To discuss your specific concerns, including what is involved in obtaining a guardianship and conservatorship, contact us by telephone or email today.

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