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As the name suggests, a high-asset divorce or a high-net-worth divorce involves cases of high-value assets. Factors involved in a high-asset divorce differ from a regular divorce. A lot could go wrong without a strategic plan to protect your assets. Couples with a high net worth going through a divorce need a better understanding to make well-informed decisions. This requires the assistance of a competent high asset divorce lawyer. Our high asset divorce attorney in Ventura County, CA protects its clients’ treasured valuables like businesses, stock options, trust funds, real estate partnerships, and so on. 

Why choose our high asset divorce attorney in Ventura County, CA?

If you are working through a complex or high-asset divorce in Ventura County, CA, it is critical to reach out to a skilled legal firm having a loyal, cohesive team of high net worth divorce lawyers that work together to protect your financial well-being.

Our high net worth divorce attorneys at Hartley Lamas Et Al can help you work through divorce and property division issues, including:

  • Executive compensation
  • Executive stock option plans
  • Executive stock purchase plans
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employee profit-sharing plans
  • Pension funds
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Executive bonus
  • 401(k)s

As necessary, our high asset divorce lawyers can reach out to our extensive network of financial experts to help you value all assets to work toward the most equitable outcome. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Complications involved in a high-net-worth divorce 

High-asset divorces have issues that are more nuanced and complicated than those of a traditional divorce. In addition to tracing all assets, one must understand the issues involved with valuation. In the case of highly compensated executives who are paid based on performance points or deferred compensation packages, it is often necessary to have an expert understanding of how these assets operate, particularly if and when they are cashed out.

Likewise, professionals with their own practice have valuation issues – accounts receivable and salary cannot both be considered for compensation. Additionally, it is impossible to sell a reputation so further issues arise.

Issues become further complicated when it comes to real estate and bank accounts. If portions of a house are added after marriage, then a portion may be considered marital property, even if it was obtained before marriage. The same goes for commingling funds.

How are high-value assets divided in California?

California is a community property state i.e. whatever estate the couple accumulated while married equally belongs to both partners. California law requires that the net worth value of assets is split equally between the former partners at the time of divorce. Unless the couple decides otherwise and mutually agrees on a middle ground to divide their high-value assets. If not, such property is divided amongst the couple on a 50/50 basis at the time of divorce. But there is one exception to this rule – it does not apply to third-party gifts like inheritance and also to separate property that the individuals owned before getting married. Other than that, even if you were the sole owner of an estate during the term of your marriage, your marital estate would be divided equally if your divorce case goes to trial in Ventura County, California. That said, with our high asset divorce attorney we ensure fair allocation of assets, financial security and equitable distribution under California law.

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