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Domestic violence is an umbrella term covering several issues, and spousal abuse is one of them. Spousal abuse is the most ubiquitous issue in our society today, bringing its effects to your daily life. Generally speaking, spousal abuse against women is more widely recognized, but despite how our genders are socially constructed, abuse is not limited to wives. At times, the husband is the victim and the wife is the perpetrator. This form of abuse becomes a behavioral pattern that affects your physical and mental health. If you are a victim of spousal abuse or know someone who is being abused, Hartley Lamas Et Al can help provide effective representation with the best spousal abuse attorney in Ventura County, California. Our firm is not only about the court trials, but our spousal abuse lawyer in Ventura also ensures proper safety measures are taken for adequate protection.

Our Spousal Abuse Attorney In Ventura County, CA Upholds The Spousal Abuse Law

The coverage of spousal abuse under the law of California is just and expansive. Section 237.5 and Section 234 (e) (1) of the California Penal Code define the spousal abuse categories. Both sections take the violation into the court’s consideration. The violation of section 273.5 is considered to be a misdemeanor or felony. Whereas violating section 234 (e) (1) is charged as a misdemeanor.

California’s spousal abuse law insinuates severe conditions on the spousal partner, stopping them from achieving any kind of support. If the court finds the victim’s spouse deprived of working ability due to the violence, the supporting spouse must pay more for extended time. Despite all this, before knocking on the court’s doors, ensure that you have enough proof to present to get favorable results and a trusted spousal abuse lawyer in California for legal representation.

How To Prove Spousal Abuse In California?

A competitive lawyer, without extensive effort, can prove that the defendant is held accountable for spousal abuse with just a few aspects discussed below:

  • The physical harm or touch without consent to the other individual
  • The touch has led to corporal injury, and the corporal injury resulted in trauma

Once the judge is convinced, the abuser has to face strict legal charges against the violation of spousal abuse law.

Special Divorce Concerns for Victims of Domestic Abuse

A divorce can be impacted by a great many things. This includes what happened to the couple in question leading them up to the divorce. For example, when a person experiences domestic violence at the hands of their spouse, various special concerns can be present for them when they are divorcing their spouse. As we note on our website, there is a range of special issues that can arise in a divorce for victims of domestic violence. These issues can touch on various matters, including restraining orders, the kids, the family home, financial matters, spousal support, and child support.

How such issues are addressed in a divorce can impact many aspects of a domestic violence victim’s life. It  can affect what level of protection they and their family will have now and in upcoming months and years. So, what happens in their divorce can have high stakes for a victim of domestic abuse when it comes to their future and their family’s future.

These issues have the potential to touch on a range of different types of law. Also, such matters can become interconnected with one another. This can add further levels of complexity when it comes to addressing them. So, when a victim of domestic abuse is navigating a divorce here in California, having the help of a spousal abuse attorney in Ventura who understands and can assist with the wide range of special concerns domestic violence issues raised in a divorce, can be of high importance.

How To Report Spousal Abuse In California?

As the most immediate protective measure, you should call your nearest police station for safety. After being protected by the police, you may obtain a restraining order from the court as it orders your abuser to keep away. After filing a restraining order, the judge evaluates your case and marks it as permanent or temporary. Generally speaking, to carry out the procedure of a spousal abuse case, you will need the help of a Ventura County spousal abuse attorney who will make you walk through the technicalities with ease.

Our California Spousal Abuse Lawyer Can Help!

Looking for the right place to get your spousal abuse case resolved? A spousal abuse lawyer in Ventura at Hartley Lamas Et Al is your most reliable course of action. Our lawyers can help you escape your misery and provide you a secure future. So stop living in fear and reach out to us at  (805) 639-0600 or   email the firm.

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