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Divorces are turbulent and fierce, especially with the simultaneous division of property. Dividing marital assets is a complex process, specifically; property and pension. In a divorce, all property owned by spouses is categorized under either separate property or marital property. The property division law in California equally splits marital property and assets accumulated during the term of marriage after careful analysis of the circumstances and the legal rights of each spouse. Without a proper stratigic plan in action, there is a lot that can go wrong while dealing with property division matters. The equitable distribution of your marital property highly depends upon the competency of the lawyer you hire once your divorce case goes to trial. So, hire the best property division attorney in California through our firm to help you present, persuade and prevail victoriously! Our team of professional lawyers make it possible for our clients to gain or retain the fair distribution of marital assets after a divorce.

Advocating for your assets with our Property Division Lawyer in Ventura County, CA

Obtaining a just, equitable result in a family law matter is often critical for moving forward emotionally and financially without lasting regrets. Divorce is always a harrowing experience, as are other legal issues involving children and family relationships. They break you emotionally and can come with many financial complexities and hurdles along with asset division. Therefore, the legal counsel you choose to guide and represent you truly matters. At Hartley Lamas Et Al, our mission is to win justice for our clients by providing the court with the evidence to make the most favorable decision for their financial circumstances. 

Regardless of your divorce situation, we will advocate assertively for you. This means we will do everything necessary to help you trace assets, including complex issues that may be challenging to value, like pensions and retirement assets. As necessary, we are prepared to reach out to our network of experts to make the strongest possible case for you to have a fair division.

Applying extensive knowledge of the law as well as area courts and officials, our division of marital property attorney will advise you compassionately and drive hard to achieve your goals. Our firm’s outstanding communication skills and dedication to client service have been publicly commended by many past clients and peer attorneys.

How is property divided in California?

California is a community property state i.e. whatever estate the couple accumulated while married equally belongs to both partners. California law requires that the net worth value of assets is split equally between the former partners at the time of divorce. Unless the couple decides otherwise and mutually agrees on a middle ground to divide their assets. If not, such property is divided amongst the couple on a 50/50 basis at the time of divorce. But there is one exception to this rule – it does not apply to third-party gifts like inheritance and also to separate property that the individuals owned before getting married. Other than that, even if you were the sole owner of an estate during the term of your marriage, your marital estate would be divided equally if your divorce case goes to trial in Ventura County, California. 

Complexities involved in property division

Property division post-divorce comes with a variety of complexities. Tracing all the assets to distributing reasonably requires the assistance of a complex property division attorney. The complicated cases of property division have the involvements of retirement accounts, pensions, stocks, bonds, and real estate property. Such cases need thorough legal analysis and are to be handled by a competent division of property attorneyFollowing is the list of a few complex property division assets:

  • Valuable stocks
  • Division of corporate partnership assets
  • Division of pension of one spouse
  • The business initially operated by one spouse
  • Division of commercial and residential real estate

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