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Domestic violence is not new to our kind. Unfortunately, it has existed since the dawn of human civilization. Today, we are witnessing a global surge in domestic violence cases, forcing victims to accept abuse as the new normal. This suffering has led to life-safety threats. Hence, you need to stop ignoring domestic violence. You can play an important role in helping a friend, a close relative, a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker or even yourself if you are being abused. You need to connect to the right resources. Obtaining a restraining order is a good first step providing you protection from your abuser. A court approved restraining order forbids your abuser from taking any action till the court has made a decision about the matter in question. To file for a restraining order appeal you will need the assistance of a domestic violence restraining orders attorney in Ventura County, CA who will help you seek protection.

Are you suffering from domestic violence? Want to bring this misery to an end? Hartley Lamas Et Al provides the bestorder of protection attorney.We don’t just aim to get you a restraining order, but we also help you with your divorce case.

Our Restraining Orders Attorney In Ventura County, California Are Uniquely Qualified For Challenging Circumstances

Whether a client is a victim of violence or accused of committing an act of violence, there will be dire consequences upon such matters as custody and parenting plans and spousal support. The client stipulates a good team of attorneys in any case. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you don’t have to worry about legal technicalities anymore. A great restraining orders lawyer in Venturawill help you out solve complex matters adeptly. Hartley Lamas Et Al is uniquely qualified to handle marriage dissolution under the most challenging circumstances.

Basics Of A Domestic Violence Restraining Order

A domestic violence restraining order is obtained against a family member or an intimate partner who harms or abuses you, and the list of these people includes:

  • Your husband/wife
  • Ex-husband/wife
  • Someone you are dating
  • Co-parent
  • Close relatives, such as; siblings, parents, grandparents, child, the parent-in-law, etc.

If you are a resident of California and any individual from the mentioned list harms you in any way, you have the right to file an appeal for a domestic violence restraining order in court through your restraining order attorney in California.

Things A Domestic Violence Restraining Order Will Do

A domestic violence restraining order is an effective tool to keep your abuser away and it holds considerable authority on the person who is restrained, such as the individual is bound to:

  • Not connect with the people mentioned in the order
  • Pay child support
  • Pay spousal support
  • Show no interference in the individually owned property of the opposite party

The restrained person will agree to all these conditions; if he/she violates them, they may be imprisoned along with the charges of penalty.

How Is The Domestic Violence Request Completed?

In order to fulfill the requirement of the domestic violence request, you will need numerous forms to fill and submit. This complicated step of the process can become easier with the help of a competent order of protection attorney. The list of these initial forms is mentioned below:

  • L-1124-Declaration Re: Notice of Ex Parte Application
  • L-1120-Family Law Notice Re: Related Case
  • CLETS-001-Confidential CLETS Information
  • DV-101- Description of Abuse
  • DV-100-Request for Order
  • DV-101- Description of Abuse
  • DV-109-Notice of Court Hearing

These are the primary forms you need to fill out for the temporary restraining order but for child involvement and any sort of support, you will need to fill out additional forms.

How Do Restraining Orders Affect Divorce?

Getting a divorce is in itself overwhelming and painful. Obtaining a domestic violence restraining order can add to the complications of the process. Here’s how:

Restraining orders will impact divorce negotiations

There are few things that impact divorce more than a restraining order. In many situations involving divorce, the two sides and their lawyers can sit down and draft an agreement, negotiating the details that they do not initially agree upon. However, the unfortunate truth is that cases can be, and often are, considerably more acrimonious, perhaps even to the point where a restraining order is in effect. Despite the fact that “no-fault” is California’s standard grounds for divorce, a restraining order will likely have a significant impact on divorce and other family law matters. These effects can lead to causing problems in your divorce case. Therefore, it is vital to have an experienced restraining order attorney in Ventura County handle your case efficiently.

Complicating the process of negotiation

A restraining order will likely prevent the alleged abuser from being in the same room, just as they have also likely been ordered to leave the family home and stay away from the victim’s place of employment. This complicates the divorce process, forcing the two sides to find other formats if they wish to still avoid litigation. One option is to have your Ventura restraining order attorneys act as intermediaries without their clients in the room. Other options include teleconferencing or having the courts remove the restraining order or reduce it to a non-court order or informal agreement.

There can be a financial impact as well

Under the California Family Code Section 4325, there is a presumption that a person convicted of spousal abuse/domestic violence within five years of the divorce will not be entitled to spousal maintenance/support. This is a rebuttable presumption, but domestic abuse charges can have a significant financial impact on those hoping to receive that support, at least in the short term.

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