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California is home to thousands of active service members working through military family law issues – issues that have additional and often complex nuances that are not present in typical divorces and family law issues.

Unique Circumstances for Military Divorces

The major overarching issue involving military divorces is the involvement of state and federal law. Additionally, military divorces often include benefits that are difficult to value and divide for divorce attorneys who do not have a firm grasp on that issue. Military service members also have relocation issues (sometimes international) that are far from clear cut.

If you and your loved ones are faced with a family law issue, get in touch with a Ventura military divorce lawyer as soon as possible to fully understand your rights, options and the best way forward.

Because Carla Hartley at Hartley Law, APLC has been active in military service, has been through a military divorce and has worked with many clients facing the same and similar issues, she is uniquely suited to handle the family law issues faced by our service members. Regardless of your issue, we will fuse our personalized approach, Christian values, comprehensive knowledge and experience working on military divorces to help you address:

  • Child custody and deployments
  • Division of military benefits
  • Child or parental relocation
  • Child support payments
  • Property division
  • Jurisdiction issues
  • Military retirement benefits
  • Interstate or international moves, transfers and relocation orders
Military Divorce Attorney

To get in touch and schedule an initial consultation to discuss military pensions and other military law issues with one of our Ventura, California, military divorce lawyers, call 805-639-0600 or email the firm.

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