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Is It Spousal Support, or Isn’t It?

I am sitting in the courtroom today listening to two parties litigate an issue raised by - frankly - sloppy lawyering at the time the parties entered into a judgment of divorce by means of a settlement agreement. The agreement...

August 12, 2020
Family Law

A homemaker or stay-at-home parent can receive assets in divorce

When you marry someone, you join your financial situation with theirs. While you can't control every financial decision your spouse makes, you still share in the responsibility. Similarly, your spouse will share in any assets you acquire unless you agree...

January 2, 2019
Family Law

Three insurance policy considerations after divorce

Although divorce can bring new beginnings to the lives of many, it can also mean unwelcome worry about finances. One in five women falls into poverty after divorce and men, too, have financial hardship if they don't make a majority...

January 20, 2017
Family Law

There’s No More “Lifestyle to Which You’ve Become Accustomed.”

It amazes me, in this day and age, to hear so many women clinging to the belief that their future ex-husband must support them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. While not precisely an urban myth, for...

November 21, 2015