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Family Law

A Letter from My Father

My Dad is opposed to using the internet to communicate; he also refuses to own a smart phone, and considers texting a part of the internet.  We do, however, communicate the old-fashioned way, via pen, paper, and the U.S. Postal...

May 22, 2016
Grandparents Visitation Rights

What Not to Wear… to Court.

I am often appalled by the outfits I see women wearing to various courthouses in Southern California. Not just to pay a bill at the traffic window, but to actually attend mediation or to appear in front of a judge.Don't...

May 6, 2016
Family Law

No More Drinking, No More Drugs…

It is always good to remind ourselves that the words we use in pleadings filed with the Court are very, very important. What you tell your Family Court Services mediator tends to be pretty important, too, as she (generally "she")...

April 2, 2016
Family Law

A Box of Cheerios

In the midst of all the news - the awful tragedies in Paris and Lebanon, the Republican and Democratic debates, the national debt, and so forth - I don't feel like writing about the law tonight. Tonight I am thinking...

November 15, 2015