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July 25, 2017
Multiple military jobs make the top ten for divorce rate

Military jobs have many aspects that make them vastly different from other positions. This includes issues related to deployment. It also includes the unique mental and emotional challenges that go with serving as a member of our nation’s military.

The unique characteristics of military jobs can have the potential to put some added pressures on a person and their family. This could include added pressures on a person’s marriage. A recent analysis indicates that certain military jobs see particularly high divorce rates.

Among the things the analysis, done by the career website Zippia, did was come up with a list of the 10 jobs with the highest divorce rates by age 30. Federal census data was used in coming up with this list.

A military job held the top position on this list. First-line enlisted military supervisors were found to have the highest divorce rate of any occupation.

And this was not the only military position to make it onto the top ten list. Overall, three military jobs were on this list.

What do you think are the biggest challenges military life poses for marriages? What do you think are the most important things for military couples to do when it comes to addressing these challenges?

The unique aspects of military jobs can also raise some special issues when a member of the military seeks to get divorced. For example, issues related to deployment could raise some unique concerns and considerations in child custody matters. This is one of the many things that can cause military divorces to have added complexities as compared to other divorces. Examples of other things that can create complex aspects in such divorces include the special laws that apply to them the unique benefits divided in them. Attorneys experienced in military divorce matters can help individuals going through a military divorce with addressing the special issues that come up in such a divorce.

Source: MarketWatch, “Americans in this field have the highest rate of divorce by age 30,” Kari Paul, July 24, 2017

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