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February 20, 2018
Arguments in favor of– and against—divorce

When you and your partner are going through a rough time, you may be wondering whether you should continue working through it, or pursue a divorce. Sometimes, it is best for couples to work out their marital problems and stay together. In other cases, a divorce may be the better solution.

But how to know which solution is best for you and your partner? Both options have strong arguments in their favor. Today, we’ll look at three arguments in favor of staying together, and three in favor of divorce.

Arguments in favor of staying together

  • Many couples avoid divorce because they feel that it undermines the sanctity of marriage. For most people, marriage is far more than a legal arrangement: It is a symbolic joining of two souls. If you have a strong belief in the sanctity and permanence of marriage, you may wish to stay together.
  • Divorce is almost always an expensive undertaking. Usually, both parties will take a significant financial hit. It may not be possible to maintain the same lifestyle as you did before, especially if the divorce settlement includes alimony payments or child support. You should consider whether the financial ramifications are worth getting a divorce.
  • Even if you and your spouse are still on good terms, divorce can be an emotionally painful process. It may involve a great deal of loneliness. Before divorcing, decide whether you can bear the emotional strain.

Arguments in favor of divorce

  • Life expectancy is longer than ever, and that means that you and your partner may spend decades together. For couples who have a good relationship, this can be a boon. But for couples who aren’t getting along? It may be better to end the marriage rather than suffering for years.
  • Not all relationships are healthy. Some involve abuse—whether physical, verbal or emotional. When a marriage involves harm, the only option may be a divorce. This also gives both partners a chance to start a fresh, healthy relationship with someone else.
  • Many couples try to stay together for the sake of their children. But divorce can actually be much healthier for kids than watching their parents remain in an unhappy marriage. When children are involved, the healthiest choice may be to split up, but co-parent amicably.
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