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October 24, 2017
What career has the lowest divorce rate?

Different jobs vary in many ways. This includes in how much in divorce risks might be connected to them. There is a great deal of variation in divorce rates between different jobs. Given this, one thing some might wonder is: What sorts of careers carry the lowest divorce likelihoods?

According to a recent research statistics, the job that holds the No. 1 spot in this regard are actuary positions. The statistics involve the divorce rates of different careers here in the United States. They include lists of the jobs with the lowest and highest rates.

Actuaries were found to have a divorce rate of 17 percent, the lowest among all the reviewed occupations. This is under a third of the rate of the job found to have the highest rate. That job was gaming managers, with a rate of 52.9 percent.

Other jobs found to have divorce likelihoods that were among the nation’s lowest were software developers, clergy, life scientists and physical scientists.

Why do you think these types of jobs see particularly low divorce rates?

False assumptions can cause a lot of problems in a marriage. One misassumption that could have such an effect is a person assuming that if they are in a career field with a lower divorce rate, they don’t have to worry at all about their job posing any trouble within their marriage. Any job could have the potential to cause tension in a marriage if a person isn’t paying proper attention to things such as balancing their job and their personal life. So, paying proper attention to whether they are letting their career put an unnecessary strain on their marriage can be important for individuals in all professions.

Another time in which avoiding misassumptions can be critical is when going through a divorce. For example, just assuming that their divorce will go smoothly and be relatively uncomplicated could cause a person to miss out on taking steps that could help keep unnecessary complications or hiccups out of their divorce. Given this, whatever a person’s career and background, having accurate information regarding their situation and options can be of great importance when getting divorced. Having the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer can help with this.

Source: Fortune, “People In This Career Get Divorced Less Than Everyone Else,” Emily Price, Oct. 23, 2017

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