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October 10, 2017
Do genetics play a role in divorce likelihood?

The decision to get divorced is often a very complicated one. Many different factors could be at play in such a decision. So, a person’s likelihood of getting divorced could be impacted by many things. Might this include their genetics? A recent study points to the answer being yes.

The study was aimed at looking into what is behind the phenomenon of divorce running in families. Specifically, it investigated whether genetics or psychological factors were the main drivers behind this tendency.

It did this by looking at the divorce histories of adopted individuals from Sweden. It compared the divorce histories of these individuals to that of their biological and adoptive parents. Reportedly, the findings from these comparisons suggest that genetic factors are the main contributors to divorce likelihood being “passed on” from generation to generation.

Why does it matter what things contribute to divorce likelihood? Well, having accurate information on this topic could help married couples with their efforts to keep their relationship strong. Also, accurate information on this front could provide insights to therapists and counselors on how best to help couples with such efforts. One wonders what information future research will reveal on things such as the role genetics and other factors play in divorce likelihood.

The issue of what factors lead to a divorce is not the only thing about a divorce that can be very complex. Divorce proceedings and the legal matters connected to them can also have numerous complicated aspects. These complex issues can have major ramifications on a divorcing person’s future. So, having the right information and good guidance can be important for a person when tackling these issues in a California divorce. Having a skilled divorce lawyer in one’s corner can be a big help with this.

Source: Miami Herald, “Does divorce run in the family? This new study says it might be in our DNA,” Jared Gilmour, Oct. 5, 2017

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