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May 24, 2022
Why Johnny Depp Filed A Defamation Case Against Amber Heard

Most people have heard about the defamation case Johnny Depp has brought against Amber Heard. It’s common to wonder why this suit was brought instead of handling the issues in the family law proceeding when they divorced. Without speaking to either of the parties to that case, it’s still possible to have an informed opinion about the issues being undertaken. With some understanding of law basics, it’s easier to see what kinds of problems may have caused this decision.

While the family law proceedings were taking place, there wasn’t any sign of the defamation case. It seems that either party would have filed a domestic violence restraining order if their relationship was that extreme. However, nothing was ever issued. The actual family law proceeding was quiet and was resolved with a settlement. There wasn’t anything else addressed at the time or brought to the court’s attention.

Men Are Often Victims of Domestic Abuse

Johnny Depp is speaking about a topic that isn’t in the news very much: domestic abuse against men. Nearly every domestic abuse case in the news is one where the man is the abuser, and the woman is the victim. But this isn’t always the case in reality. Men are abused too, and often they don’t speak out about it because there’s such a stigma surrounding it. They aren’t comfortable saying they were beaten or otherwise physically assaulted by a woman.

States Have Different Abuse Definitions

Having a strong, loving relationship is the goal, but many people don’t experience that. Domestic violence is never appropriate, but it is more common than most realize. The difference in the laws surrounding domestic abuse is also significant to note. California, for example, has extended the term domestic violence into a term called domestic abuse. That doesn’t require physical violence. Coercion and other forms of mistreatment also qualify.

In Texas, in contrast to California, there is more of a focus on the requirement of physical harm before a domestic violence restraining order can be issued. Both states have followed the federal guidelines on domestic violence, and both have adopted the Domestic Violence Protection Act. However, the culture and the legislators have still created something very different in its entirety. If you’re a man or a woman who’d been abused, you need to understand your rights.

Work With an Attorney in Your State of Residence

Calling an attorney in the state where you live is essential because that attorney will know the laws for that specific state related to the DPA. Some states are more lenient or more specific in domestic violence and domestic abuse definitions. You may have an easier time getting a restraining order in one state instead of another. But the end goal is to know your rights, get legal help to enforce them, and keep yourself safe from harm.

Contact Hartley Lamas Et Al. today, and let us help you get the legal protection you need to stop domestic abuse.

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