Special divorce concerns for victims of domestic abuse

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What concerns a person has going into a divorce can be impacted by a great many things. This includes what happened to them leading up to the divorce. For example, when a person experienced domestic violence at the hands of their spouse, various special concerns can be present for them when they are divorcing their spouse.

As we note on our website, there are a range of special issues that can arise in a divorce for victims of domestic violence. These issues can touch on a variety of matters, including restraining orders, the kids, the family home, financial matters, spousal support and child support.

How such issues are addressed in a divorce can impact many different aspects of a domestic violence victim’s life. It can affect what level of protection they and their family will have now and in upcoming months and years. So, what happens in their divorce can have high stakes for a victim of domestic abuse when it comes to their future and their family’s future.

These issues have the potential to touch on a range of different types of law. Also, such issues can become interconnected with one another. This can add further levels of complexity when it comes to addressing them. So, when a victim of domestic abuse is navigating a divorce here in California, having the help of a lawyer who understands and can assist with the wide range of special concerns domestic violence issues raise in a divorce can be of high importance.

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