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July 12, 2017
‘Redshirting’ decisions and divorced parents

There are many big decisions parents make in regards to their kids. Among these are decisions regarding their children’s education. One such decision comes when their child is approaching kindergarten age. This is the decision of whether to delay their child’s entry into kindergarten by a year. Such a holding back is sometimes called “redshirting.”

Redshirting has grown considerably in modern times. It has become a much more common practice than it was just a few decades ago.

It is also a practice that has drawn a fair amount of debate, both within research circles and in society at large.

Like many things, redshirting has been found to have both advantages and disadvantages. How likely a given child is to benefit from being redshirted could be affected by a range of factors specific to the child’s circumstances.

So, the decision of whether to redshirt their child can be a very complicated one for California parents, full of different considerations.

It can be an even more complex situation when a child’s parents are divorced. Major education decisions, like this one, can have the potential to be grounds for significant disputes between divorced parents.

Many things can have significant impacts when it comes to big education decisions related to a child of divorced parents. One are the terms of the custody arrangement regarding the child. Among the things custody arrangements typically address is where legal custody for a child lies. Legal custody touches on who has the authority to make key decisions, including education decisions, regarding a child. Some custody arrangements give legal custody solely to one parent. Others give it jointly to both parents, giving them shared decision-making authority. Skilled attorneys can provide a parent going through child custody negotiations with explanations on how different arrangements regarding legal custody could affect what legal position they would be in regarding future decisions related to their child’s education.

Another thing that can have big impacts when big education decisions related to their child come before a divorced couple is how the parents communicate and interact with each other in relation to the decision. These things could impact how likely the decision could be to lead to major legal disputes. Family law attorneys can advise divorced parents on what steps they can take to try to prevent matters related to redshirting and other major educations decisions from flaring up into costly and complicated disputes.

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