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September 8, 2017
Addressing co-parenting concerns through technology

Post-divorce life can have its challenges for parents. Among these are difficulties regarding co-parenting. Examples of things a divorced person might be concerned about related to co-parenting are:

  • The possibility of major arguments coming up with their ex.
  • Whether they and their ex will be able to keep solid lines of communication open.
  • Whether they will be able to have the kind of relationship they want with their child.

There are many challenges that could come up in relation to co-parenting that touch on such concerns. What can parents do to head off or address these challenges?

Well, in today’s world, one option is to turn to technology for help. Modern digital and communication technologies provide all sorts of tools that can be used for maintaining lines of communication and coordinating. Such tools could prove useful when it comes to trying to maintain a solid co-parenting relationship with one’s ex and keep this relationship directed towards their child’s best interests.

Examples of things divorced parents can do with technology to try to help with co-parenting include:

  • Using texts and other electronic communications as one of the ways to stay in touch with one another on matters regarding their child.
  • Using electronic communication methods to make sure both of them are getting the information they need from other key adults in their child’s life, such as coaches and teachers.
  • Using online lists to coordinate household chores/responsibilities for their child.
  • Using online shared calendars to help them both be aware of important upcoming dates for their child.

Another thing that could help parents in trying to build a strong and beneficial co-parenting relationship is planning for potential challenges in advance. This can include thinking of what things could be particularly likely trigger to arguments between the two of them over parenting, and what steps could be taken for preventing such triggers from arising. Among the things such considerations could be factored into is the child custody arrangement parents reach. This agreement and the rules it lays out can set the tone and boundaries of a co-parenting relationship. Divorce attorneys can advise divorcing parents in California on what things can be done within a child custody agreement to address concerns they have related to co-parenting.

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