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April 20, 2018
Nesting: A new arrangement for divorce and custody?

Every couple that is divorcing faces the quandary of where to live next. Some couples decide to sell their marital home and split the proceeds. Sometimes one spouse will buy out the other’s share in the home. Living arrangements become even more complicated when there are children involved. Every custody arrangement must address the children’s living situation. Children need stability to thrive, and that can be hard to attain in a divorce.

To solve the dilemma of where to live post-divorce, some couples are turning to a new trend: Nesting.

What is nesting?

Nesting is when a couple agrees to have the children live in the marital home, but each parent takes turns living in the home and living somewhere else. One parent might stay in the house for the first two weeks of the month while the other stays in a condo. Then, the parents switch. The second parent resides in the home with the children, while the other stays in other accommodations.

Nesting can have its complications. It is certainly not for everyone. These are a few tips to keep in mind if you are considering nesting after your divorce:

  • Keep your children in mind. Nesting can benefit children by providing stability, but it can also make children feel confused about the nature of your relationship with your ex.
  • Consider your financial situation. Can you and your partner afford to maintain a primary residence as well as separate living arrangements? How will you divide household expenses? Who will pay which bills?
  • Decide in advance how long the nesting arrangement will last. Sometimes, it may be a few weeks; in other cases, several years.

Finding a living arrangement post-divorce

Finding a new living arrangement that addresses your child custody needs is one of the biggest challenges of a divorce. Because nesting is a fairly new trend in post-divorce living arrangements, it remains to be seen just how successful it will be for the families that attempt it. But for some people, nesting may be a creative solution for your new, post-divorce life with your family.

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