My Professorial Experience

Grandparents Visitation Rights

I had the great pleasure and privilege of teaching the Advanced Legal Writing Course at our local law school* this summer.  The term just ended, and I am girding myself to take on the task of grading the final assignments.   

At the beginning of the semester, I must admit, this seemed like a not-so-good idea.  I was on 24-hour notice to begin an estimated 14-day trial, was working full time (which for a self-employed person is far more than 40 hours a week) and was dealing with a couple small health issues. 

Once the semester began, my fears were laid to rest.  I have seldom enjoyed anything more.  The class – the interaction with the students, the opportunity to watch them grow in skill and confidence – became the high point of each of my weeks throughout this summer of 2015.  

This class did not simply benefit the students – it also benefitted me, and by extension, my family, staff, and clients.  I benefitted by having something fun in my week, which didn’t involve arguing with anyone.  My family and staff benefitted in a couple ways:  the class gave me a renewed enthusiasm for life in general, and people in particular. 

My clients? My clients go the benefit of my renewed enthusiasm and, more to the point, each case on which I am working received the boost of a trip back to the basics of the law:  work the elements and the evidence together into a tapestry for the court’s review. 

Class is over.  The 14-day trial (turned out to be only 10 1/2 days) is over.  Summer is over.  My health issues are over.  And I am sitting here with a smile, because I had fun.  My word, I had fun!  And I look forward to teaching again next summer. 


*Santa Barbara and Ventura COL

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