Bankruptcy issues sometimes come up for divorcing couples

Bankruptcy issues sometimes come up for divorcing couples

Among the things a person here in California might be facing as they go into a divorce are financial difficulties. Financial struggles are among the things that sometimes lead a couple to getting divorced. Also, a divorce can put a lot of additional financial pressure on a person.

In some cases, the financial difficulties a divorcing person is experiencing may be so great that they may wish to enter into another set of legal proceedings in addition to the divorce: bankruptcy proceedings. In some instance, bankruptcy may be able to provide a divorcing person who is facing significant financial problems with the relief they are looking for.

On their own, bankruptcy and divorce proceedings can be quite complicated. When a person is going through both proceedings at around the same time, the complexity of the matters that come up for them can be particularly high. For one, there is some overlap the issues these two processes touch on. Also, some special concerns and considerations can arise when going thorough both at around the same time. Additionally, both proceedings can have major implications for a person and their family.

So, when divorce and bankruptcy matters intersect for a person, what advice and assistance they have access to when it comes to addressing these complexities can have major impacts. Given this, when a person is or is thinking about entering bankruptcy around the same time they are getting a divorce, having legal guidance that is able to help with both the bankruptcy and family law issues they are dealing with can prove very valuable.

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