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May 5, 2020
COVID-19 Update Ventura County Stay-Well-At-Home Order and Superior Court Partial Closure Extended

One of the things you learn in the Marine Corps is that if you have work to do and don’t like the orders, there’s no benefit in fighting it. You get the work done. That’s a good motto to have right now as the Stay-Well-At-Home orders from the state are extended. We are also seeing some other changes coming down that you should be aware of if you live in Ventura County.

Changes to Orders Continue to Come Down

We’re seeing a lot of changes happening. Essential services now include real estate transactions, car dealerships, and other services. Things are opening up a big, and that’s a good thing. However, we also learned the Superior Court and Ventura County Superior Court are not closed to all non-emergency business through at least May 12th. Emergency services are available, though. If you need help now, we can still help you, and you should not wait to reach out to us.

How to Work at Home

One of the things we are learning in this process is how to stay connected to our team and employees even as everyone is so dispersed and working remotely. Keeping stay morale up during these times isn’t always that easy.

One thing to remember is that you have to be cautious about the software you’re using during these meetings, especially if they are confidential. Go To Meeting is an app that we use, though it is not as easy to use as a platform like Zoom. However, the added security matters. It also meets all HIPAA standards and remains affordable. We’re using this software to have a 30-minute meeting each day to keep connected. It’s nice to help put you back in the frame of mind you need to be in for work – you’re showered, shaved, have makeup on, and dressed well.

During these meetings, we talk about cases and exchange ideas. It is a valuable time to get an idea of what’s happening when you are so spread out.

Working at Home Safely

Staying mentally sharp with morale up is essential, but it is also important to work safely when you are working at home.

When you’re working at home, your office is different. You may be slouching over the laptop, sitting in a wrong position, and not using good posture. That’s all going to cause problems for you later. One easy way to fix this is to use your television screen as a monitor. It’s essential to be sure everything is done safely – you do not want to carry confidential documents on your computer and have it stolen. Go to My PC helps to minimize that type of risk. Using an HDMI cord, it’s rather easy to set up this type of setup, and once it is in place, every person has a nice, big screen to work with for easy viewing.

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