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January 28, 2021
In-Person Court Appearances

Hello everyone. My name is Frances Gutierrez. I am an associate attorney here at the firm. I wanted to share with you today my experience attending a hearing that was proceeding by Zoom, but because of audio and video connection issues, the court ordered that I and opposing counsel appear in person. I haven’t been in the courtroom or court physically in person since January 4th. That’s because the Ventura County Superior Court requires that attorneys attend hearing via Zoom.

So today when I went to the court rather than go through the COVID screening process with the tent and the staff at the front main entrance, the direction was for me to check-in through the criminal traffic window that is on the right side of the court if your facing the court and checking in and going through the COVID questionnaire that way.

I had to inform the clerk the courtroom that I was going to, the case that I was appearing on, my client’s name, and go through and answer the COVID screening questionnaire such as are you experiencing any symptoms? Of course, I said no because I’m not and then the clerk will then issue a permission slip for you to then be permitted to go into the court.
You still have to go through the process of showing the sheriff and the bailiff that you are permitted and have authorization to go forward into the court. So if you are entering the court from the other side of the building, then the screening process is through the cafeteria where they do their COVID questionnaire and screening there.

So I thought I’d share that with you because it’s different but it’s necessary and thought I’d share.

Thank you.

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