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August 15, 2017
The financial challenges parents of high school seniors can face

What costs come before a parent in relation to their children depends on many things. This includes the ages of their kids. Children of different ages can have different needs and expenses.

Some times of a kid’s life can give rise to a particularly high level of expenses for their parents. One of these times is when a kid is in their senior year of high school.

As a recent news article noted, there are a lot of special costs that can rack up in connection to a child’s senior year. This includes expenses related to:

  • College prep.
  • College visits.
  • College applications.
  • Senior pictures.
  • Their school yearbook.
  • Prom.
  • Their grad party.

So, their child’s senior year can raise some particular financial challenges for a parent. How good of a position a parent is in for handling the various costs present in relation to raising their kids can depend on many things. For single parents, these things include:

  • What child support arrangement is in place.
  • How well-suited the child support arrangement is to their family’s overall circumstances.
  • Whether their ex is meeting their child support obligations.

As this underscores, child support matters can have significant impacts for a single parent and their family. This doesn’t just include matters involving the initial setting of child support, but also issues involving the modification or enforcement of child support orders. So, when a divorced or separated parent is navigating any legal issue related to child support, seeking out a skilled lawyer’s help with working towards a fair outcome can be important.

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