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April 23, 2021
Competent Counsel – Following Their Advice

It’s no secret that attorneys are expensive. But there’s a reason they cost so much. They’re charging for their time, their expertise, and their education. Looking for a competent counsel you can afford is generally a good idea when you need help with something, whether it’s family law or some other aspect of your life.

However, make sure to do your homework before hiring an attorney because it’s not just about price. It’s also about how current they are with topics in their field and how up-to-date they’re remaining in changes in the law. 

Attorneys Need Quality (and Continuing) Education

A competent counsel can handle your issues effectively because they’re well-educated in all the things that can affect your situation. Often, additional concerns come along with one particular area of law, which may branch out into other areas of law. For example, family law may also involve real estate, insurance, investments, and other regions. With the proper counsel, you can get all of those things rolled into one, so you only need one attorney to handle your case.

Attorneys can stay up-to-date with these things because they have to continue their education. They don’t just get through law school, pass the bar, and then hope they can keep up with changes. They have hours of continuing education they need to take every three years, and many attorneys take more than the minimum because there are always changes to the law and more things they need to learn. Family law, especially, is a rapidly changing area. Staying current is very important to helping clients.

Having Good Counsel Helps Your Case

When you have a reasonable attorney, you have a higher chance at a better outcome. No attorney can guarantee you a particular result in a case. Still, attorneys who are of high quality take their reputations seriously. They work hard to make sure their clients give them the information they need to properly pursue a family law case. Then they focus on what they can do for their clients during the time they work with them.

The proper counsel can make all the difference in a family law case because of their experience and education levels. But they can only help people who are working with them openly and honestly. They need to know the facts and details to prepare a good case quickly or respond to the other party. You and your attorney should feel comfortable with one another, so you can work as a team to settle your family law case as reasonably as possible for everyone involved.

Ready to explore the options in your family law situation? Reach out to us today at Hartley Lamas Et Al., and let us help you. We have years of experience and a wealth of education in the family law space and can provide you with the guidance you’re looking for.

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