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March 8, 2022
Are You In An Abusive Relationship and Looking For Help?

Do you feel you’re in an abusive relationship, but you’re afraid the type of abuse you’re suffering is not something the court will help you with?

Is your abuser telling you, “You’ll never get help. The court will never help you. No one will believe you.”?

Are you worried they’re right?

If you have found yourself in this situation, it’s time to take a step back and realize you have options. The following article will walk you through how to handle an abusive relationship through legal action. If you are suffering abuse, you have the right to get help and stop the person who’s harming you.

What Are Your Options if You’re Being Abused?

When a person is being actively abused in some way, but they are not seeking help, we have to ask the question: “What’s stopping them from escaping?”

Often, it’s a fear that the courts won’t help.

To be sure, not every complaint will be heard or considered actionable. Still, there is a wide variety of abusive situations that the court will definitely help you with, and it’s not just limited to physical abuse either.

Of course, physical abuse is certainly actionable. But there’s also harassment, stalking, impersonation, intimidation, and many other forms of abuse that are taken very seriously by the legal system.

Getting Help From an Attorney

If you are being abused, your first step should be to reach out for help. You can always start by contacting an attorney. They will be able to provide you with legal advice right off the bat.

You should also get in touch with a close friend, family member, spiritual leader, or therapist who can discuss your situation with you on a personal level. It’s often useful to have someone you trust and look up to to hear your story. Choose someone with discretion who will respect your privacy.

Types of Abuse

It’s important to understand that there are many types of abuse. When we first hear the word, “abuse,” we may conjure images of someone hitting or beating another person. Certainly, physical assaults like this are forms of severe abuse.

But abuse can also be verbal and emotional. And in the eyes of the court, physical, verbal, emotional, and other types of abuse are all actionable. Verbal abuse, in particular, is a common form of serious actionable abuse, particularly when it rises to the level of threats.

Pushing Past the Fear

Many victims of abuse are thwarted from doing anything to free themselves from their abuser because they’re afraid. Abusive individuals can be crafty and convincing. They may attempt to intimidate you into not saying anything, telling you that you’re going to lose your home, your friends, or your kids if you speak out.

You need to know that these are threats, and they are trying to prevent you from getting the help they know you are entitled to. Your abuser is using these words to control you. Their threats are seldom accurate, especially if you get a good attorney.

Contact Hartley Lamas Et Al. to Learn About Your Rights

At Hartley Lamas Et Al., Attorneys at Law, we have represented many people who’ve been in an abusive relationships. Many are terrified. Their abusers attempt to frighten and overwhelm their victims, but when we step in, we can often open our clients’ eyes and help them see the tyranny they have been living under.

We have protected many individuals from abuse in the past, and we can help you get protected too. We want you and your children to be safe.

If you find yourself in an abusive situation, contact us today to get the help you need. Don’t live another day being the victim of abuse.

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