Divorce And Financial Issues

Divorce brings with it a host of unplanned financial ramifications. Income that used to support one household must now support two. All of a family's possessions, assets and debts must be divided. In fact, studies indicate people who get divorced need a 30 percent increase in income to maintain their pre-separation standard of living.

And although men experience a decline in their standard of living after a divorce, the financial impact on women and children is especially grim. Experts suggest one out of five women will fall into poverty due to a divorce. Approximately one in three women who own a home and have children at home when they divorce will lose their homes. And three out of four divorced mothers do not receive the full amount of child support they are due.

Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano Will Protect Your Financial Rights

These are reasons why it is extremely important to hire an experienced law firm to look out for your rights during the course of a divorce. Even if you think you and your spouse have the financial situation in hand, or have worked out an agreement for financial support moving forward, it is crucial that a skilled attorney counsel you through the process.

At Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano, our lawyers have the foresight to assist you with planning and preparing for financial hardships that may occur in the future. We will equip you with the tools to ride out unforeseen obstacles. We can also help you with more obvious and immediate financial concerns, such as:

  • Asset tracing
  • Bankruptcy options
  • Equitable division of property
  • Pension fund allocation
  • Retirement benefits distribution

We Do Everything Possible To Safeguard Your Interests

We understand that financial issues are paramount in a divorce case. That is why we do everything we can to protect the financial interests of you and your loved ones.

Our Ventura, California, attorneys will work directly with you to trace and value all assets to obtain the fairest outcome, ensuring financial stability for you and your loved ones in the immediate and long-term future.

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