Artificial Insemination And Parental Rights In California

There are immensely complex and constantly changing laws and legal issues surrounding artificial insemination and parental rights in California. Essentially the courts and legislature are constantly going back and forth with differing interpretations and opinions.

On the legislative level, they have claimed that no sperm donor can be held accountable for child support. That said, oftentimes a mother may put a father's name on a birth certificate. In the wake of such actions, the courts that have been charged by the legislature to determine paternity are starting to use presumed father codes to create a father/child relationship and many mothers believe that no such relationship is legally binding.

This current collision of the interpretations regarding legislative policies has made legal issues immensely complicated and extremely expensive for many families - it is critical to be extremely careful post-insemination.

If you are working through any insemination issue, it is critical to fully understand your role, rights and responsibilities; partnering with a skilled lawyer cannot be overrated in these circumstances.

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