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A Hard Lesson for a Young Attorney

I don’t know why, but this morning I am remembering a case that made me really doubt my desire to be a Family Law attorney. This was many years ago, very early in my career as an attorney, but the...

June 30, 2020
Family Law

Who’s the Daddy? Part 5.

A man unrelated by blood or marriage to a child can assert a claim of paternity to that child under certain circumstances. In Family Code Section 7611(d) we find a mechanism by which someone who is not related to the...

March 26, 2016
Family Law

There’s No More “Lifestyle to Which You’ve Become Accustomed.”

It amazes me, in this day and age, to hear so many women clinging to the belief that their future ex-husband must support them in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. While not precisely an urban myth, for...

November 21, 2015
Family Law


We have recently been dealing with a number of clients who have, to their dismay, discovered that the Court does not, and cannot, go endlessly back in time to make all things equal.  This premise is contained in the maxims...

January 22, 2015