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Expert Vitness in Divorce

Using an expert witness in divorce

Every divorce is as unique as the people involved. Some will be business-like with few areas of disagreement, while others will be highly emotional and litigated in court. In the latter case, expert witnesses are useful for providing insight when...

March 27, 2019
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Confidentiality of mediation; an alternative to tradition

Mediation is an increasingly popular format for couples who wish to file for divorce. There are several benefits that stem from keeping the divorce out of court. Topping the list is a faster resolution process because clients are not at...

March 8, 2019
Hidden Assets

Clues that a spouse may be hiding money

It is commonplace for one spouse to handle the family's finances, but with tax season upon us it does not hurt for the other spouse to pay attention. Understanding a family's financial plan is good for a healthy marriage and...

February 28, 2019
Elder Abuse Attorney Ventura

Divorce and the digital footprint

Social media is now part of the fabric of how we engage and interact with others. Regardless of how one feels about its many pluses and minuses, that information is playing an ever increasing role in filing for divorce. Now...

February 11, 2019
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Prenuptial agreements can make sense for students

It is common knowledge that couples usually wait longer these days before getting married. Some will even be in a long-term committed relationship but have no interest in marriage. However, love is unpredictable and others find themselves making marriage plans...

February 1, 2019
Divorce Laws

There are complications to bankruptcy during or after divorce

Bankruptcy, by its very nature, is difficult for many people to navigate. It requires complex legal and financial paperwork, as well as excellent organizational skills. The requirements often intimidate those who could benefit from the protections of bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy...

January 30, 2019
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Filing for divorce using mediation

Mediation is notable for being an alternative form of dispute resolution. It is a form of collaborative law that usually avoids courtroom litigation, which in turn reduces the stress upon the family, the expense of the divorce process and can...

January 23, 2019
Divorce Attorneys

Sometimes Legal Separation is the Best Option

Separation may be the best option for some couples. It can be a major step towards divorce, it can be an end unto itself, or it can even act as a break while the couple tries to regroup. These can...

January 11, 2019
Tax Law Changes

Tax law changes likely effect prenups

There has been much discussion this year about how the latest changes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect the taxing of alimony payments in divorce. However, those laws are also potentiallty impacting those who still are married and...

December 27, 2018
Family Law

ATROS protect assets during divorce

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROS) consist of orders that go into effect automatically upon the issuance of a summons in conjunction with a divorce petition, legal separation, nullity or paternity action. It is similar to  commonly used restraining orders to...

December 17, 2018