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father help kid preparing for school

COVID-19 Update: Administrative Order 20-09 and Transparency Between Homes

In the times we are living, there’s a great deal of change – rules and laws are changing rapidly. It’s critical to stay up to date. There are a few new rules to consider, including those related to custodial orders....

April 29, 2020
Family Law

How social media could hurt your child custody case

Social media has become a place for everyone to talk about the goings on in their life and the lives of others. Without considering consequence, we 'like' certain pages, engage with articles that peak an interest, give into discussions with...

December 19, 2016
Family Law

You Can Lose Custody of Your Child for Disobeying Court Orders.

By: Deborah Jurgensen. The California Second Appellate District Court held, in January 2016, that a parent does not have to be present for the Juvenile Court to make custody orders essentially removing their children from their care, under certain circumstances....

February 21, 2016
Think Before you Drink

Think Before You Drink.

The knee-jerk argument that a parent has a "constitutional right" to drink alcohol seems to appear on my event horizon about once every other month.  Most commonly, this is an affirmative assertion heard from opposing party as part of a...

August 8, 2015
Child Support Lawyers

What Happens if Two Parents Cannot Agree?

If two parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, even after child-centered mediation, then the parties are going to have to appear in front of the Judge.In non-recommending mediation counties, the Judge's practices vary.  Sometimes the Judge will make immediate...

May 12, 2015
Grandparents Visitation Rights

Is Mediation with Family Court Services Required?

California requires child-centered custodial mediation with Family Court Services for all cases in which the parties do not agree on a custodial plan for their own children. What is mediation with Family Court Services?Family Court Services (FCS) provides mediation to help...

May 2, 2015
Family Law

Types of Child Custody

Many people come into my office, and I overhear them in court, stating that he/she wants "full custody" of the children.  At law in California, there is no such thing as "full custody."  This post, and the next couple of...

April 16, 2015