Fraudulent Concealment

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Fraudulent Concealment California is a community property state. This means that the spouse equally shares in assets and debts acquired during the marriage unless a reimbursement statute applies (and frequently,…

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Pension / Retirement Asset Division

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Pension / Retirement Asset Division Pensions represent challenging property division issues in the wake of a divorce. It goes without saying that those who have worked hard to build a…

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Real Property Distribution

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Real Property Distribution The Court has a duty to divide property equally in kind, and where that is not possible, to determine the extent and value of the community estate…

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Business Valuation

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Business Valuation Many divorce proceedings involve a business – may be the business was solely owned by one spouse before marriage but the spouse built it during the marriage, or…

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High Net Worth Divorce

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High Net Worth Divorce Ventura High-Asset Divorce Attorneys High-asset divorces have issues that are more nuanced and complicated than those of a traditional divorce. In addition to tracing all assets,…

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Military Divorce

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Military Divorce Lawyers Ventura County California is home to thousands of active service members working through military family law issues – issues that have additional and often complex nuances that…

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Hidden Assets / Marital Fraud

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Ventura Hidden Assets Lawyer Full financial disclosure is an absolute, non-negotiable obligation in any California divorce. If you believe your divorcing spouse – or a biological parent required to pay child…

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