Post-Judgment Modifications And Enforcement

The agreements formed and the decisions judges make in family law matters are based on the state of affairs at the time - and on the information available. In the years after divorce, life changes are a certainty. Many significant changes in circumstances call for post-judgment modification of a specific order. In other cases, an error or act of deception can be exposed, leading to a judgment being set aside.

Custody, Spousal Support And Child Support Modifications · Family Law Appeals

At Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano, knowledgeable, forthright Ventura post-judgment modifications lawyers are available to evaluate your situation and explain viable legal options. Carla Hartley, Robert Maxwell and John Castellano have handled numerous successful actions to obtain needed results such as:

  • Modification of child support and/or spousal support , based on a substantial change in either party's financial circumstances or children's needs
  • Child custody and visitation modifications, including complex cases involving suspected domestic abuse, alcohol and drug use, or other threats to children's well-being
  • Enforcement of child support obligations, stipulations regarding property distribution or other legally binding orders that are being disregarded
  • The setting aside of a judgment - or upfront intervention in a divorce case - based on proof that a spouse or unwed biological parent has concealed assets or income
  • Modification/termination of spousal support
  • Modification/termination of child support
  • Enforcement of orders regarding distribution of property, equalization payments, etc.
  • Bankruptcy - Equalization payments can in many cases be discharged in bankruptcy so it is important to ensure your judgment is structured to prevent that from happening

Major Financial Change, Parental Relocation Or Visitation Dispute?

Some post-judgment concerns are primarily or exclusively financial. Whether your current situation has come about due to job loss, a health crisis, diagnosis of a child's disability or other reasons, our firm is an outstanding resource for sound legal guidance.

We also assist many people who become engaged in disputes over their rights to time with children. If you are being denied your rightful visitation/parenting time or have concerns about what will happen if a custodial parent moves, it is critical to get legal counsel you can trust.

"In arrogance the wicked relentlessly pursue the afflicted; let them be caught in the schemes they have devised." Psalm 10:2

Discuss Options Now With An Oxnard Area Post-Judgment Actions Attorney

Prompt and proper legal action is essential when your ability to pay support is impacted by a job loss, for example, or when your ex-spouse is waging a campaign of parental alienation. The time you have to appeal any unfair order is strictly limited.

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