Child Relocation Lawyers

One of the most common reasons for needing to modify a court judgment is the need to move outside of a given geographic area. In order to relocate legally, however, a parent must obtain approval from the court. The court may grant approval if the relocating parent has a legitimate need, including moving for a vocation or job, military service, or another marriage.

In all cases, the court will first and foremost consider the best needs of a child when making any determination; if the move substantially impacts the healthy ongoing relationship with one parent, the relocation may be denied.

If you and your loved ones are working through any relocation issue, a skilled lawyer can help you make the strongest possible case to obtain or defend against relocation.

Regardless of your issues, Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano will help you reach a best possible resolution for your unique circumstances. We will delineate all issues, including motives, the child's wishes and the interest of the child (including family and education opportunities).

By working directly with clients to understand their unique needs, we have helped hundreds of families elevate their well-being. Because of the need to be compliant and time sensitivity of these issues, we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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