Dependent Adult Abuse

Do you know a dependent adult who may be the victim of abuse or neglect? In California, a dependent adult is defined as a person between 18 and 64 who has physical or mental limitations that restrict their ability to protect their rights or carry out normal activities.

Unfortunately, dependent adult abuse occurs at all income levels and across all races and genders. However, California law protects these vulnerable adults and provides remedies in the form of civil claims for damages.

Stopping The Abuse — Empowering The Abused

The most common forms of dependent adult abuse include:

  • Physical — causing bodily pain or injury, using unreasonable physical restraints, or not allowing the person enough food or water
  • Psychological — causing mental pain through humiliation, intimidation or threats
  • Sexual — sexual assault or rape
  • Financial — using a dependent person's money or property without their consent
  • Abandonment or neglect — deserting or failing to properly care for a dependent adult to whom they are responsible
  • Isolation — intentionally preventing a dependent adult from receiving mail, making or taking telephone calls or seeing visitors

Once the abuse has been identified, it is important to act quickly to prevent further abuse and obtain justice to the abused individual.

Let Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano Be Your Advocate

We know how to get quick results in dependent adult abuse cases. Our attorneys have the institutional knowledge to get these matters to the proper authorities for investigation. We also have the legal expertise to have the abuser held liable for damages to compensate the victim for financial losses, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Act quickly to prevent the abuse from continuing. Call us at 805-919-8346, or email us online, to discuss how our Ventura lawyers can help you find justice for an abused dependent adult.

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