Year: 2019

Pet Custody Attorney

You Can Love Your Pet, But You Can’t “Love” Your Pet

As a matter of common sense, and as a matter of law, having sex with your pet is a bad idea. Sexual intercourse with an animal, it turns out, is a crime, which does affect your custody and visitation rights....

December 10, 2019
Child Support Lawyers

Grandma Believed Him

Once upon a time, this senior citizen was a happy, healthy, bright and chipper grandma. Her adult kids lived not far away, and she helped raise her grandchildren with love and generosity. Grandma, her kids, and her grandkids aged -...

October 21, 2019
Divorce Attorney Ventura

She had One Job!

I am disgusted. Utterly disgusted. Not with my client, or even opposing party (scoundrel that he is). I am disgusted with my client’s prior attorney’s failure to protect her interest in retirement accounts acquired during marriage, but held solely in...

September 30, 2019
Family Lawyers Ventura

Restraining Order + Sexy Texts = Jail Time (Too Often)

I’m feeling discouraged today. This isn’t a scenario about any one client, because, hey - duty of confidentiality here. But recent events have made me remember... In the early days of a Restraining Order proceeding, I simply don’t have as...

September 4, 2019
Fathers Rights

Not Yours? Or, The Tale of the Duped Dad

We have seen many, many cases in which fathers have come to us, distraught with the sudden discovery that the child (sometimes children) they’d known and loved was not their own. This type of betrayal cuts deep: at one and...

August 27, 2019

Captain Taggert Has Saved Us!

One of my favorite movies is Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and a great supporting cast. The movie more or less posits: What if Star Trek were real? What if an alien species received broadcasts of...

August 27, 2019
Family Law Issues

A Blast from the Past

I had the strangest phone call today... A few years ago, I represented a nice guy and successful entrepreneur in his California divorce. The case involved the full range of issues: custody, child support, spousal support, a business, real property......

August 21, 2019
Family Law Cases

What a Client Wants to Hear, versus What a Client Needs to Hear

This will be a difficult topic. I’ve had this on my list of “blog ideas” for about two years but have frankly lacked the courage to write on this topic - I am afraid I would lose business. But. This...

August 19, 2019


One of the areas of practice many Family Law attorneys end up exploring is Dependency Law - you can think of Dependency Law as involving custodial disputes that are so bad the police and social workers get involved, and the...

July 11, 2019
Divorce lawyers

Setting aside money for college tuition in divorce

Divorce is a difficult chapter in the life of any family. Of course there is the emotional wounds that come when a couple realizes that one or both spouses no longer wish to be married. While this is life changing...

June 15, 2019