Grandma Believed Him

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Once upon a time, this senior citizen was a happy, healthy, bright and chipper grandma. Her adult kids lived not far away, and she helped raise her grandchildren with love…

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She had One Job!

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I am disgusted. Utterly disgusted. Not with my client, or even opposing party (scoundrel that he is). I am disgusted with my client’s prior attorney’s failure to protect her interest…

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Restraining Order + Sexy Texts = Jail Time (Too Often)

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I’m feeling discouraged today. This isn’t a scenario about any one client, because, hey - duty of confidentiality here. But recent events have made me remember... In the early days…

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Not Yours? Or, The Tale of the Duped Dad

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We have seen many, many cases in which fathers have come to us, distraught with the sudden discovery that the child (sometimes children) they’d known and loved was not their…

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Captain Taggert Has Saved Us!

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One of my favorite movies is Galaxy Quest, starring Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, and a great supporting cast. The movie more or less posits: What if Star Trek…

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A Blast from the Past

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I had the strangest phone call today... A few years ago, I represented a nice guy and successful entrepreneur in his California divorce. The case involved the full range of…

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One of the areas of practice many Family Law attorneys end up exploring is Dependency Law - you can think of Dependency Law as involving custodial disputes that are so…

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