Month: January 2019

Divorce Laws

There are complications to bankruptcy during or after divorce

Bankruptcy, by its very nature, is difficult for many people to navigate. It requires complex legal and financial paperwork, as well as excellent organizational skills. The requirements often intimidate those who could benefit from the protections of bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy...

January 30, 2019
Domestic Violence

Federal government changes definition of domestic violence

The Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women quietly made changes to its definition of domestic violence last April. Under the Trump Administration, it has rolled back far-reaching rules instituted by the Obama Administration that were vetted by domestic...

January 25, 2019
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Filing for divorce using mediation

Mediation is notable for being an alternative form of dispute resolution. It is a form of collaborative law that usually avoids courtroom litigation, which in turn reduces the stress upon the family, the expense of the divorce process and can...

January 23, 2019
Child Support Attorney

Know when to file for a modification of child support

The "right" amount of child support can change over the years. A job loss, a promotion, medical expenses and more children are just a few reasons why a previously reasonable sum may no longer be fair to all parties. Fortunately,...

January 17, 2019
Spousal Support Ventura

Non-working spouses can seek spousal support in California

Money and financial obligations to your spouse are often major points of contention in a divorce. You and your spouse likely don't agree about what is fair for both of you when you try to find terms for ending your...

January 14, 2019
Family Law

World’s richest man announces divorce

Some in the media practically shouted the headline that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was getting divorced. That in itself was not the issue, it was the fact Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos did not have a prenup despite the fact that...

January 14, 2019
Divorce Attorneys

Sometimes Legal Separation is the Best Option

Separation may be the best option for some couples. It can be a major step towards divorce, it can be an end unto itself, or it can even act as a break while the couple tries to regroup. These can...

January 11, 2019
Family Law Attorneys

You’re Paying for Our Advice So…Please…Follow It

Novelist Agatha Christie said, "Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it."  Whether or not Ms. Christie's observation is true, we often treat good advice like it comes from an adversary.  Our...

January 4, 2019
Family Law

Looking Back as the New Year Arrives

I've given this a lot of thought. And I truly believe that two battlegrounds exist between right and wrong in our modern world. The first is physical: it's carried out on an international level by our military and on a...

January 2, 2019
Family Law

A homemaker or stay-at-home parent can receive assets in divorce

When you marry someone, you join your financial situation with theirs. While you can't control every financial decision your spouse makes, you still share in the responsibility. Similarly, your spouse will share in any assets you acquire unless you agree...

January 2, 2019