Year: 2018

Tax Law Changes

Tax law changes likely effect prenups

There has been much discussion this year about how the latest changes of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affect the taxing of alimony payments in divorce. However, those laws are also potentiallty impacting those who still are married and...

December 27, 2018
Family Law

The Enemy of Your Enemy is not Necessarily Your Friend

I was sitting in court this morning observing a fairly common occurrence: Dad's baby-mama, has an ex: an ex-baby-daddy, or an ex-husband - from what I heard while present on a case of my own, I couldn't tell. But, Dad's...

December 19, 2018
Family Law

ATROS protect assets during divorce

Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders (ATROS) consist of orders that go into effect automatically upon the issuance of a summons in conjunction with a divorce petition, legal separation, nullity or paternity action. It is similar to  commonly used restraining orders to...

December 17, 2018
Family Law

Restraining orders will impact divorce negotiations

There are few things that impact a divorce more than a restraining order. In many situations involving divorce, the two sides and their lawyers can sit down and draft an agreement, negotiating the details that they do not initially agree...

December 17, 2018
Family Law

Does your ex-spouse disrespect your parenting time?

As a parent, you face many difficulties that demand your immediate attention, even when life seems to be going well. Unfortunately, many divorced parents sharing custody of their children with an ex-spouse must also deal with unfair or illegal interference...

December 13, 2018
Family Law

Penny Wise and Pound Foolish (or, You Get What You Pay for)

I relate this sad story to future clients as, alas, a cautionary tale. Several years ago, a man and woman decided to divorce after a fairly long marriage (I won't give you specifics here; ethics forbid it). The man wanted...

December 11, 2018
Family Law

Protecting parental relationships with children during divorce

The goal of the court is to award custody and draft parenting plans based on the best interests of the children. This generally means that both parents have a close ongoing relationship with their children. Nevertheless, fathers may feel like...

December 3, 2018
Family Law

How do I support my children after divorce?

When you're going through the trials and tribulations of the divorce process, if you're a parent, your children will be the first things on your mind. So the question is: How do you keep the divorce from causing your children...

December 1, 2018
Spousal Abuse

The nest approach to coparenting

The best parenting plan is one that addresses the unique needs of the children and the parents. Of course, there are typical formats that are commonly accepted, these include alternating weekdays with weekends, rotating blocks of days, or perhaps it...

November 27, 2018
Family Law

Domestic Violence and Its Legacy

I had a rather heartbreaking meeting earlier this week, and it's been chewing at me. This was one of those chance encounters we all tend to have.  You're out in public and suddenly you're comforting a stranger. This woman had...

November 19, 2018