Month: September 2018

Family Law

Managing child custody exchanges when parents don’t get along

Child custody exchanges are not always the happiest moments. It's hard for one parent to say goodbye to his or her child during a child custody exchange -- even if the visitation period is only for a couple of days....

September 29, 2018
Family Law

Banker tries but cannot outrun alimony payments

A British couple's highly publicized split in 1997 is still not resolved. With the couple moving separately to the United States in 2009, the bitter battle remained in the English courts. According to a ruling in 2013, banker Yan Assoun...

September 27, 2018
Family Law

Building a Judgment is a Good Tactic

We see a number of attorneys who tend to refuse to permit their clients to enter into any agreements pending what they'll call a "global" settlement. I tend to dislike this tactic for a few different reasons: First, holding out...

September 21, 2018
Grandparents Visitation Rights

University professor caught trying to hide assets

Dividing marital assets is a complicated process that involves itemizing a complete list of bank accounts, real property, and other possessions of value. The list must be as comprehensive as possible with the understanding that some assets (such as stocks)...

September 19, 2018
Family Law

How will abuse impact the outcome of a California divorce?

People get divorced for a broad range of reasons. Some couples just grow apart over the years. Other times, there are more serious issues, including addiction, gambling problems or abuse. If you plan to divorce your spouse due to a...

September 12, 2018
Family Law

Wife and daughter fight over care of actor Tim Conway

Actor Tim Conway is famous for his offbeat comedy roles and particularly as a cast member of the Carol Burnett show. Unfortunately, the 84-year-old actor now suffers from advanced stages of dementia. He currently lives in nursing facility that his...

September 12, 2018