Month: June 2018

Family Law

Are your divorce records public?

A divorce is one of the most difficult challenges that many will face, particularly those acrimonious disputes that end up in court. After such a draining experience, many simply want to put it behind them and move on to the...

June 27, 2018
Family Law

What if a deceased’s life insurance policy lists an ex-spouse?

There are seemingly an endless number of details that need to be addressed during the divorce process and after. One that may slip through the cracks because it didn’t seem immediately pressing is changing the benefactor on a life insurance...

June 20, 2018
Family Law

What is direct and indirect parenting time interference?

After parents divorce, they usually share custody or visitation rights in some form or another. This may mean that both parents enjoy nearly equal time with their child in their respective homes. Alternatively, it may mean that one parent enjoys...

June 19, 2018
Family Law

How do you set aside, or “vacate,” an order, or judgment, which you now regret?

We often meet with people who, when self-represented or represented by uncommitted or inexperienced counsel in their family law cases, have ended up with orders or judgments they entered into by agreement, and now regret. Your signature is on that...

June 14, 2018
Domestic Violence

Judge of Stanford rape case ousted

The people of California have spoken loudly in the June 5 mid-term elections, recalling a sitting California judge for the first time since 1932. Judge Aaron Persky received national condemnation for sentencing a former Stanford swimmer to six months in...

June 12, 2018
Family Law

Setting aside money for college tuition in divorce

Divorce is a difficult chapter in the life of any family. Of course there is the emotional wounds that come when a couple realizes that one or both spouses no longer wish to be married. While this is life changing...

June 5, 2018
Family Law

What happens to your dog if you get divorced?

Two years after you got married, your spouse bought a dog. It was a Christmas gift for both of you, a pet you had always dreamed of owning.Over the years, it became clear that your relationship with the dog grew...

June 4, 2018