Month: October 2017

Family Law

What career has the lowest divorce rate?

Different jobs vary in many ways. This includes in how much in divorce risks might be connected to them. There is a great deal of variation in divorce rates between different jobs. Given this, one thing some might wonder is:...

October 24, 2017
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Responding to a parental child abduction

While divorcing individuals may hope that, after their divorce, their ex will be respectful of their rights, this sadly doesn’t always happen. Now, experiencing any violation of the rights granted to them in a divorce can be very distressing for...

October 20, 2017
Family Law

Elder abuse: A preventable risk to patients

Your loved one is important to you, no matter how old he or she gets. You want to know that the care he or she receives is acceptable and within the standards of the medical field. Unfortunately, some situations result...

October 18, 2017
Family Law

Do genetics play a role in divorce likelihood?

The decision to get divorced is often a very complicated one. Many different factors could be at play in such a decision. So, a person’s likelihood of getting divorced could be impacted by many things. Might this include their genetics?...

October 10, 2017
Family Law

New law aims to have salon professions help in the fight against domestic violence

It is incredibly important that domestic abuse victims get the protection, support and resources they need. However, there can be barriers to this happening.One such barrier is fear. Fears, such as fear of their abuser, could lead to a domestic...

October 7, 2017
Family Law

Do you know what you should include in a parenting agreement?

It's hard to realize that your marriage has come to an end. Even if you know that this is the best thing for all individuals, it's never easy to move on. If you have at least one child with your...

October 5, 2017