Month: September 2017

Family Law

When married or getting divorced, the little things matter

Some might think that in order for a given gesture or action to have a big impact, it too has to be big in nature. However, there are many contexts in which seemingly small matters or gestures could have the...

September 26, 2017
Family Law

Does your divorce threaten your business?

A friend of mine relayed a story to me recently. He was riding in an Uber, and the driver was lamenting about how he'd been forced to take this job to make ends meet while his boss fought to keep...

September 20, 2017
Family Law

Early financial mistakes could cause problems for a marriage

What actions a person takes as they are about to get married can have some wide-ranging impacts on their marriage’s future. This includes how they act in relation to financial matters in the time leading up to the marriage.Such actions...

September 19, 2017
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Caring for grandkids good for a grandparent’s health?

Getting to spend time with and care for their grandchild can bring a lot of joy to a grandparent. Might it also have health benefits? Research suggests it might. A study looked at the death risk levels for a group...

September 12, 2017
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Addressing co-parenting concerns through technology

Post-divorce life can have its challenges for parents. Among these are difficulties regarding co-parenting. Examples of things a divorced person might be concerned about related to co-parenting are: The possibility of major arguments coming up with their ex. Whether they...

September 8, 2017
Family Law

How to find hidden assets in a divorce

While there is a lot that goes into the divorce process, many people focus primarily on one detail: the division of property. Although you are best served to understand the entire process and how it will unfold, there is no...

September 6, 2017
Expert Vitness in Divorce

Divorce and retirement savings concerns

Financial shocks can be very impactful. They are also something almost everyone experiences in their life. This is what a recent study points to. The study looked at data regarding millions of Americans covering the 2008-2012 time period. According to...

September 6, 2017