Month: July 2017

Expert Vitness in Divorce

Health care uncertainty leading some couples to delay divorce

When a couple decides their marriage is no longer working, many things can impact their decision regarding when to get divorced. Some things could lead to a couple deciding to delay getting divorced. This includes certain kinds of financial uncertainty.One...

July 31, 2017
Grandparents Visitation Rights

What will happen if I don’t pay child support?

As a parent, you have a number of obligations to your children. And these obligations do not end just because you get divorced from the other parent or if you do not have custody of your kids. You can still...

July 27, 2017
Family Law

Multiple military jobs make the top ten for divorce rate

Military jobs have many aspects that make them vastly different from other positions. This includes issues related to deployment. It also includes the unique mental and emotional challenges that go with serving as a member of our nation’s military.The unique...

July 25, 2017
Family Law

Why a prenuptial agreement makes sense for everyone

When Cupid’s arrow finds its mark, the sunshine feels warmer, the birds sing more sweetly, and happily ever seems like more than just a nice ending to children’s stories. You’re in love, you’re getting married, and you can’t imagine that...

July 21, 2017
Family Law

‘Redshirting’ decisions and divorced parents

There are many big decisions parents make in regards to their kids. Among these are decisions regarding their children’s education. One such decision comes when their child is approaching kindergarten age. This is the decision of whether to delay their...

July 12, 2017
Family Law

10 signs that a spouse is hiding assets in a divorce

Couples don’t divorce because everything is going just swimmingly. Divorce is a result of deep-seated issues and problems, hurt feelings, and perhaps even betrayal. It’s usually not 100 percent amicable, and – although assets should be divided equitably – each...

July 7, 2017
Family Law

Protecting one’s financial future in alimony proceedings

Many things about a divorcing person’s future can be at stake during divorce proceedings. This includes their financial future. One of the issues that can have major impacts on the financial futures of both spouses in a divorce is spousal...

July 6, 2017