Month: June 2017

Expert Vitness in Divorce

Living with parents very common among Southern California millennials

Various family trends shift over time. This includes trends on how common it is for younger adults to stay living with their parents. Statistics indicate that, here in the U.S., living with parents is a very common living situation for...

June 28, 2017
Family Law

Post-divorce changes and child support

Divorce typically brings a great deal of changes with it. However, a divorce finally being in the rearview mirror for a person certainly doesn't mean their life suddenly won't be changing much. There are all sorts of non-divorce-related life-changing circumstances...

June 23, 2017

How divorced parents and their children can have a great summer

Summer is supposed to be a fun, carefree time for swimming, picnics, and sun-filled vacations. For divorced parents, though, summer may be a stressful time. Since children are off from school, visitation schedules need to be adjusted, and each parent...

June 22, 2017