Month: February 2016

Family Law

Who’s The Daddy? Part 2.

It may seem that I am going to spend a little too much time on this subject, but I think it is important for men to know their rights - and the time limits in which to assert them -...

February 28, 2016
Family Law

You Can Lose Custody of Your Child for Disobeying Court Orders.

By: Deborah Jurgensen. The California Second Appellate District Court held, in January 2016, that a parent does not have to be present for the Juvenile Court to make custody orders essentially removing their children from their care, under certain circumstances....

February 21, 2016
Family Law

Who’s the Daddy? Part 1.

The goal of some men is to become the "legal" or "adjudicated" Father of a child, sometimes when that child is not their own biological baby. The goal of other men is to avoid being named the legal father of...

February 10, 2016