Domestic Violence Victims

The rights of a domestic abuse victim are not always clear. For example, are there presumptions for or against the victim or the perpetrator in regards to spousal or child support? Do courts take domestic abuse into account when determining child custody or visitation issues? And of course, there are more immediate concerns, such as whether a restraining order is available to protect a victim before or after escaping your abuser both physically and legally.

Questions like these can be answered by the knowledgeable lawyers at Hartley, Maxwell & Castellano. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting domestic abuse victims and this expertise can help you stay safe and get what you deserve in a divorce case.

We Are Dedicated To Assisting Domestic Violence Victims

Because our lawyers handle all manner of family law cases and potential restraining order issues that arise from those cases, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with care and professionalism.   We can assist you with a broad range of issues related to domestic abuse, requiring expertise in a wide variety of legal disciplines, such as:

  • Obtaining a protective order;
  • Taking depositions in civil cases;
  • Arguing against mediation;
  • Fighting for full legal and physical custody of children;
  • Objecting to any request that you pay spousal support to your abuser;
  • Finding you shelter in a safe and secure place;
  • Dealing with money issues;
  • Getting you possession of your home and excluding the abuser;
  • Obtaining support payments for you and your children;
  • Determining possession of personal property;
  • Getting a temporary child custody;
  • Coordinating with the district attorney's office on criminal protective orders.

We Focus On Domestic Violence

Unlike many law firms that strictly practice family law, we have the ability to assist victims with unique issues that arise during and around a domestic violence proceeding. Our ability to do so, under one roof with one team of attorneys, lessens the strain and financial burden on you while enabling you to get out of an abusive marriage.

Contact us for the legal advocacy you need to start fresh. Use our online contact form to tell us about your issue, or call us in Ventura at 805-919-8346.

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